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Life Line Training & Operations

Drug Alcohol Awareness and testing for Managers

  • Alcohol and Drug impairment and how misuse will effect workplace performance, relationships and colleagues
  • Myths and the facts
  • Signs symptoms and recognition of misuse
  • The effects of Drug & Alcohol misuse
  • Units of alcohol and recognising alcohol limits
  • Knowing how long it takes for alcohol and drugs to leave the body
  • Health & safety guidance on alcohol and Drugs in the workplace
  • Dealing with employees with alcohol or drugs related problems in the workplace
  • Taking action and providing information
  • Designing a workplace policy on alcohol misuse
  • The importance of screening and testing
  • Practical demonstration on the safe use of using an alcohol Breathalyzer, plus drug testing kits and the legal implications
  • Guidance on helping and supporting employees misusing alcohol
  • Course also includes activities and discussions.