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Eathan Thomas True Story

Eathan Thomas turned 13 just 1 day before his horrific accident that nearly took his life on 16th May 2014.

It was meant to have been a fantastic weekend break away with all our friends on Rugby tour to Braen Sands, the sun was shinning and everyone was on a high.

We took off on the bus on the motorway, kids were singing and chanting up back of bus as 13yr olds do and the adults along with my daughter were having a good laugh down the front.

It was as it should have been a happy enjoyable break, but nothing prepared us for what happened next...

I think my friend shouted "stop the bus, one of the kids have gone out" it happened so quickly everyone was shouting, and you automatically think it can't b my child, but when someone shouted the dreaded words no parent should ever have to hear "its Eathan" my world was turned upside down in a split second.

Andrew had already jumped off the bus at this point as he is First Aid Trained any way and was prepared to deal with the situation no matter whose child it was.

Me and Shorna were running down the motorway as the bus didn't stop straight away, we still don't know why but it seemed like we were running forever, I can't really remember what I was thinking at the time but I imagine that the thoughts were not pleasant.

We finally reached Eathan whom was fully conscious at that time and Andrew was holding his head, all I saw was blood on the road on Andrews hands and on the back of Eathans head, Shorna was screaming in the background and I feel so guilty as I couldn't console her as I needed to keep Eathan with me, my thoughts were that he was going to go unconscious so had to keep speaking to him.

Andrew was absolutely brilliant considering he's Eathan's dad, he was calm but I could see that deep down he was in a state, his hands were trembling and I could see that this was going to hit him hard in the near future. To have to be strong in a situation like this, you have to be able to flick a switch and put yourself into a different place.

A woman at the scene was inconsolable and at the time we didn't know that she had stopped just inches from where Eathan was lying so must have been traumatizing for her, I tried to comfort her but she was in a state of shock and was saying "that poor boy was clinging to the door for dear life" those words will haunt me forever, this woman has since contacted me and I have told her not to worry and everything would be alright.

Also one of our friends whose son was also on the bus at the time but whom had been travelling by car behind the bus, and thought that he was seeing things when he saw Eathan flying out of the bus, must have been terrible and I can't bear to think how this has affected him.

I think everyone on the bus has been traumatized in some form and I feel sick that some of the kids may have witnessed the full scene but I want to say that Eathan was very lucky and is on the mend, but I don't think that he will ever forget that day and neither will everyone on the bus that day or on the motorway behind the bus and if Andrew didn't have First Aid Training he may not have mad it.

I just want to thank everyone that dealt with Eathan that day including all my friends and especially my husband Andrew whom is absolutely fantastic, a brill dad and a loving husband, and if he hadn't been there to deal with it then things may have turned out differently.

What I want to say is that I will never again think that it can never happen to me, expect the unexpected as you can never predict your future. Never take life for granted and enjoy life to the full.


We will never forget how lucky Eathan was and that his nan must have been looking down on him, as the medical crew was shocked that he survived.

He is our little warrior! They say time is a great healer but I disagree because as time goes on, the more I am remembering and thinking, my heart goes out to the parents who have lost their children through accidents.

However one of the best ways to reduce the risk of this happening is to be pro-active and 


Writen by Eathan's Mum Debbie Thomas