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Life Line Training & Operations


This course is excellent to bring work colleagues together so they can achieve more, whether they play a small or large role, we will show them that working together as a team can rapidly achieve their goals and objectives.

The Course content and activities are BESPOKE to your sector. We believe that activities should be centred around the services/products you provide, E.G Builders activity would be to build something out of random items with everyone having a different role in order to reach the outcome.

Care workers activity would be around manual handling, communication and how everyone’s actions are equally important to an individuals rights, needs, confidentiality in addition to passing on vital information within a team.

Whatever the activities, the candidates will have a starting point, working together as a team to reach the end with different roles. This course will build confidence, clarity whilst creating a more powerful workforce.

Course criteria will include quizzes, activities and optional role play throughout the course, in order to maintain candidates interest.

The course will include a lot of fun and humour throughout, and will be an enjoyable experience at all levels including management level, this is to ensure that candidates totally absorb all information being delivered, and will ensure that your staff perform at their very best.

Book your staff on this course and be an inspiration in your organisation and industry.

Your team will gain Confidence, Motivation, Clarity, Inspiration, and New Improved Skills when returning to work.

  • What Is Teamwork?
  • Why Teamwork?
  • Factors that promote good working relationships.
  • Factors that hinder good working relationships.
  • Developing excellent Teamwork.
  • The value of working together as a team.
  • Commitment to working together in a team.
  • Maintaining Team Quality.
  • Personal strengths that contribute to a team.
  • Principles of Leading a team.
  • Decision-Making and dealing with Conflict within a team.
  • Communication skills.
  • Why excellent Communication is vital in a team.
  • Empathy, Common courtesy and respect for others.
  • Positive feedback and supporting colleagues.
  • Blocks to communication.
  • Attitudes and Behaviours.
  • Confidentiality within a team.
6-hour course
09:15 till Approx. 16:00 can be bespoke to half a day or 2 hours to suit.
Only £397:00 for maximum 14 Candidates at your Venue or ours.